Nov 1, 2013

Lana Del Rey refused to sing for Kim Kardashian

Lana Del Rey

According to press reports, Lana Del Rey has received from Kanye West's offer to sing for his bride, Kim Kardashian at the time of the acclaimed engagement, but said "polite refusal".

Insider, who spoke with a reporter Radar Online, says:

Lana politely refused, but did not name the reason why will not be able to speak. It was a firm "no" from Lana and her team. Kanye tried to convince her, but got nowhere. Then he decided to order a band that would play a song for Kim, and then I realized that it was a great idea.

As it turned out, Kim - a fanatical fan of Del Ray, and she especially likes Young & Beautiful song from the soundtrack to "Great Gatsby." It was she sounded when West gave the bride a ring.

Surrounded Kardashian told that the love of Kim creativity Lana its categorical refusal did not affect:

Kim was upset that Lana is not performed at this important event for her, but it's still a big fan. She appreciated the fact that Kanye was trying so hard to organize it. Now Kim jokingly wondered whether Lana wants to sing with them at the wedding.

We do not know whether to agree Del Rey, but we can assume that the celebration will be no less ambitious than the engagement.