Nov 6, 2013

Lady Gaga will be soon live in space!

Lady Gaga the first artist to perform live in space!

Lady Gaga will beat all records. After becoming the most powerful and influential celebrity in the world, Mother Monster is set to compete Felix Baumgartner. And because it will be soon live in space!

Lady Gaga is ready to score history. There are some days, the interpreter of "Applause" is separated from her manager Troy Carter. However, it remains a full-fledged artist with a head full of ideas. And nothing seems to be impossible for one who loves everything XXXXXXXL ... even to conquer outer space!

Lady Gaga is the real star of Zero G Colony Festival 2015. It is obvious that the singers like to get on stage with great fanfare ... but that was before Gaga!

Out special effects and other optical effects of 2.0, Lady Gaga is already in the future and it will show as she tweeted earlier: "GagainSpace 2015." As enigmatic as it might seem, the message was clear, however: it will invest space! A particular source told PEOPLE our colleagues in the event held at Spaceport America in New Mexico rely on Lady Gaga to finish off three days of celebration: "The third day of the event, Lady Gaga will off the spaceport aboard a starship (...) Arriving in space, it will become the first artist to perform outside of the atmosphere, weightless "has added the source.

In any case, while it gives almost want to make a back to the future to see if the show will keep his promises!