Nov 4, 2013

Lady Gaga threw a boyfriend?

Lady Gaga threw a boyfriend

According to sources of the newspaper Sun, Lady Gaga has remained the same: actor Taylor Kinney decided to part with it, because it gives him too little time.

Relationships 27-year-old singer and her 32-year-old boyfriend were on the verge for recent months, as the bear "crazy" schedule Gaga is extremely difficult:

Taylor repeatedly reproached her that she literally "married" for their work. In addition, he started to go crazy with numerous images and alter ego of Lady Gaga.

He loves Stephanie when she looks like a lively and intimate girl. But the singer is working always, in her heart she composes songs, and in a dream - the costumes. So that they meet once a month.

Note that this is not surprising: Lady Gaga's shocking the public around the world several times a day.

Gaga really cool, like a squirrel in a wheel: the promotion of the album ARTPOP takes a lot of time and effort. Surgery on his hip in February and knocked her their rhythm.

Last disorder singer - the death of his beloved dog Alice a week ago.

Beyond Graphics girlfriend, Taylor Kinney completely in awe of the fact that his Man is constantly surrounded by the crowd and Assistant bodyguards.

Last pair were seen together in August of this year.

However, there is a chance that the pair will meet on Thanksgiving Day. At least Lady Gaga is hoping.

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend