Nov 20, 2013

Lady Gaga: I found it hard to find love!

Lady Gaga has said that she found it hard to find love, but the actor Taylor Kinney, with whom the singer met for more than one year - the perfect man.

Despite rumors of break-up of happy couple. Recall that a 32-year-old Kinney Gaga met on the set of the video You and I.

27-year-old star said scandalous:

Most of the men were put off by the huge amount of my fans and all the hype that surrounded me . Watch the success of such a woman as I am, is not easy. Generally, he went a long way with me - alcohol, drugs, just crazy! Therefore, I appreciate it.

In addition, Gaga was not against sexual experimentation:

I'd like to try a novel way! That would be interesting. But from the standpoint of short experiment. I - for a monogamous relationship! I'm not one of those women who sleep with everyone. We Taylor care about each other and have a good time.

By the way, the singer ARTPOP album reached number one in the UK charts.