Nov 10, 2013

Lady Gaga confided to his desires babies

I want at least three children!

Always in full promotion of his new album ARTPOP, Lady Gaga confided to his desires babies in a new radio interview. Children hand, the Mother Monster sees the big picture!

Lady Gaga is not one to confide in his private life, but the American singer has made an exception before yesterday for the New York radio SiriusXM. Passing through the radio studio with a cowboy hat, Lady Gaga walked away a few moments of time to promote his new album, ARTPOP to talk babies and family.

If the Mother Monster now seems too unstable to have children, she continues to chain crazy appearances for weeks, it is not as long as it does not imagine the head of a beautiful and large tribe.

"I want to have tons of kids. I think at least three." Lady Gaga told to micro SiriusXM. "I really want to have a family, raise my children," said the star who has a lot of new projects in the pipeline with H & M. "To be honest, having my own children will be like having three monsters with me all the time. Maybe they will not like. I grew up in a close-knit family and I can not imagine not having a "

. Couples with actor Taylor Kinney, Lady Gaga spends a lot of time in Chicago to be with her. Taylor is shooting the Chicago Fire series. "I love ordering pizzas in Chicago. Darling surprised me once trying to eat in the bathroom in the middle of the beam at night." confessed the star.