Nov 12, 2013

Konchalovsky daughter remains in a coma

The health status of the daughter Konchalovsky today, 12 November, is a serious but stable. For 29 days, the girl is in a coma

According to media reports doctors make predictions about the first girl's health. According to them, if Masha regains consciousness, she is likely to be needed serious rehabilitation period, but still a full recovery is possible for her.

- Coma - one of the most unpredictable things. You can come out of it and everything will be fine, you can not go out at all, but you can get out, but with very serious consequences. It's hard to try and make predictions, since I do not know all the details of what happened. But I can say from my experience in Africa, where I have seen such cases, he thought that the child is no longer possible to save, and all ended well. Unfortunately, sometimes vice versa. This is the unpredictability of the coma. If you ask me about is whether all end well for Mary, I'll tell you - yes! I hope that this will happen - told Metro chief physician of the City Clinical Hospital № 71 Alexander Myasnikov.

Recall, the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotsky Maria got in an accident on October 12 of this year. She was not fastened and suffered most.

At the moment for the life and health of 14-year-old Mary Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky best doctors are struggling hospital.

Andrei Konchalovsky with his wife Julia and children Maria and Peter