Nov 14, 2013

Justin Bieber wiped the floor the flag of Argentina

Looks like Justin Bieber is angry that recently his name is rarely mentioned in the press behalf of Miley Cyrus, so the Canadian singer has decided to attract some attention to get his share of glory. But which way to achieve goals artist, apparently, all the same. So, Bieber wiped the floor of the stage the national flag of Argentina during their concert in the Latin American country.

The video, which was posted online after the show, it is clear that Bieber's fans throw at the feet of the singer, one after the other two flags of their country. Usually artists raise the flag and waved it as a sign of respect, but Justin did not think to do it. Instead, idol of teenage girls threw their foot away, and then completely used to the microphone stand as a mop to throw flags on the stage.

It is clear that the public was furious because of this behavior Artist: what happened outraged and offended Argentine society, as well as many Bieber fans around the world.

But the singer did not see in his actions no negativity. According to the agent Scooter Braun performer, artist intends in the future to re-visit Argentina.

By the way, according to the laws of Argentina for the desecration of the national flag of the guilty could face up to four years in prison. In the meantime, a criminal complaint against Bieber is not reported.