Nov 11, 2013

Justin Bieber was kicked out of the Argentine hotel

According to recent reports in the Western press, Justin Bieber was asked to leave the hotel in Argentina, where the singer flew to the world tour Believe Tour.

Turned out that was the cause of the incident is not the behavior of the Bieber, as many might think, there was a conflict of -for fans of the actor. In South America, the singer has a huge number of fans who simply could not miss the opportunity to get an autograph from the star and take his picture.

However, the pillars of the crowd at the door of the hotel at some point no longer control himself: people make noise, property damage hotels and even broke the barricades that were set to somehow keep the fans.

One of the team members of the singer Alfredo Flores posted on his page on Instagram picture, which shows the crowd which surrounded the hotel.

This hotel management had no other choice but to ask Bieber to go to another place.

Recall that a few days earlier, the name of Justin's already been used in a scandalous chronicle: Brazilian singer was fined by the police for having decided to make night session graffiti and paint the building of the former hotel Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro.

Fans of Justin Bieber in Argentina