Joaquin Phoenix's girlfriend half his age

Joaquin Phoenix at the Rome Film Festival pripozhaloval not one, but in a society of a new girlfriend, and she - tadam! - His junior by more than half! For the actor recently turned 39, and his lover - DJ Ellie Taylz - only 19 years old.

However, with all that it in show business is not new: in school years she has been preparing various shows in Las Vegas and Palm Springs "on Thursdays after school, I went to the airport, flew to Vegas and worked on the show from 6 am Friday to 2 am Sunday, and then - back to school," - she said in a recent interview.

it, as you see, and still a teenager, and age-appropriate looks. Previously, she said, she had to allow myself a year to give itself solidity: "I had a double life, I lied about my age - continues to Ellie. - But I really got involved in the music world, to make contact ".

As for Joaquin, you know they are very long ago - back in 2008, she appeared in the movie" Little Lovers So Polite ", that Phoenix was shooting for Silversun Pickups. When they became a couple, the press is not known.

Anyway, getting back to Rome! -) As you know, the Phoenix represented there now, "she." In his spare time he is the festival of affairs for a couple of Ellie and society director James Gray and his family went to see the sights of the Eternal City. Doing this for all of them and caught the paparazzi.

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