Nov 27, 2013

Jessica Alba made a new tattoo

Body Star "Sin City" Jessica Alba has a new drawing, or rather, the inscription. Now on the knuckles of the index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand of the actress flaunts inscription NO!.

Jessica Alba new tattoo

New tattoo done in black, so reminiscent of traditional "Zone" tattoos. The only good news is that two letters and an exclamation point can easily close the massive ring, fashion this season.

Recall Body Alba already had several tattoos, also made black: flirty bow at the waist, on the rosebush shoulder, which she "stuffed" during the filming of "Adult children after divorce," daisy with ladybug on his head. They did it as a sign of total family experience with my mother and aunt. Also on the wrist star emblazoned inscription in Sanskrit.