Nov 7, 2013

Jennifer Lopez: 'I've never done plastic surgery!'

Jennifer Lopez said that he had never done plastic surgery. Earlier, the British celebrity surgeon Ayham Al-Ayoubi has published in his Twitter earlier this photo Jen and record:

Jennifer Lopez's face can say that she suffered a lot of plastic surgery. She is beautiful by nature, but now - just perfect!
Course, angry fans have accused Dr. Lopez of all mortal sins, and even called them "fake".

In response to this accusation 44-year-old singer also posted a post on the social network:

Excuse me, sir, but I've never done plastics.
mother of two twins, Jen has always insisted that she did not need plastic:

If you criticize, you just have to stand up and say: "With my figure and face everything is fine! problem is you, not me!" And when you are going to believe in it, and the surrounding believe.
In the end, after a barrage of criticism from both the Jennifer and her fans, plastic surgeon apologized and wrote off all the assistants on:

Dear Jennifer Lopez, I offer my sincere apologies for the tweet that was sent my assistant, without my knowledge. You are beautiful by nature, competent makeup sometimes changes the facial features, but it's only for the better!
By the way, the same doctor has previously commented on the plastic surgery Sharon Osbourne, Heidi Montag and Melanie Griffith.

Was it plastic or not - who knows?