Nov 17, 2013

Jennifer Aniston went to the spa

On Friday, Jennifer Aniston went to Hollywood spa Mila Moursi Skin Care Institute. Once again, the actress showed off a new haircut and natural beauty: for Jennifer was not an ounce of makeup. But the actress was splashed on the finger engagement ring in eight carats of Justin Theroux: perhaps it was the only decoration Jen.

Jennifer Aniston went to the Hollywood

44-year-old Aniston does pilings complex: new bob actress looked very organic and emphasized the shape of the face. In addition, Jennifer decided to remove interfering lock behind his left ear. As an outfit actress chose skinny jeans, brown boots, a long sweater and black-and-white scarf.

Note that last week the stylist Aniston Christian McMillan and colorist Michael Canal made the "finishing touches", so now the hairstyle Jennifer Ideal for all indicators, but from the very unfortunate, "the Brazilian procedure", which forced the actress to part with long hair, no trace remains.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly Canale salon owner said:

We have shortened the hair back and front left long strands. As a result, hairstyle similar to the one that was at the Victoria Beckham, but a more gradual drop length. We wanted to achieve a natural effect, so do not use any toners, and left a gentle blonde hair color, removing yellowing. Jen was thrilled!

Well, we are also pleased with the new way Aniston.