Nov 5, 2013

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut: I am ready for a change

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

Jennifer Aniston pretty surprised fans, appeared before the paparazzi with a new haircut. In place of the long-groomed tresses, for many years it became a kind of "calling card", it is "torn" quads.

Actress has managed to comment on the changes in his appearance, saying:

I felt that ready for a change. Realized that I wanted something new, wanted to open the face.

Now I have short hair. Strands of a person reach the chin, back they just koroche.Lyubopytno, prompting Jen to such unexpected beauty-experiment? Perhaps she was offered a new role? Or maybe the point is that the actress wanted to bring to your life with fresh emotion?

One thing is clear: if it did go down the aisle with Justin Theroux, sloppy blow "just out of bed," about which she had dreamed of, it will be given to it without difficulty.

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut

Jennifer Aniston New Haircut