Nov 30, 2013

Jennifer Aniston celebrated Thanksgiving with a friend Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran

Jennifer Aniston has decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in the company of 22-year-old British singer and best friend Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran. It seems that Justin Theroux did not want to marry Jen.

Manager Aniston Aline Keshishian posted photos from the event in Instagram with the hashtag # HappyThanksgiving. The picture shows the 44-year-old actress, her manager and 22-year-old singer together smiling at the camera. Jennifer, by the way, shows a new style haircut bob for the umpteenth time in recent weeks.

Aline Keshishian, Jennifer Aniston and Ed Sheeran celebrate Thanksgiving
While it is unclear how met Jennifer and Ed. Nevertheless, they have a mutual friend - Actress Courteney Cox, who played with Aniston in the TV series "Friends".

Earlier this month, Sheeran posted his photo with Cox on Twitter to support her at the ceremony People's Choice Awards in the category "My favorite actress on cable television":

My girlfriend Courtney never won in this category. She gives me to live in his beach house, so let's all vote in favor for it!

Note again that Sheeran is a very good friend of Taylor Swift, as well as Ellie Goulding, who was his girlfriend. Along with Taylor, they recorded a duet Everything has changed, and went on tour together. There were rumors that the couple romance, but Sheeran and Swift strenuously denied this information.

So what binds Jennifer Aniston and Ed Sheeran?

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift