Nov 14, 2013

Jean Dujardin divorcing his wife

In France, broke the "golden couple": after four years of marriage, "the Oscar-winning" Jean Dujardin divorcing his wife Aleksnadr Lamy. Rumors that the couple break up, went a long time, but only now Dujardin has officially confirmed that they are right.

In this case, the actor said that the sordid details, the press speculated that - a lie. "For eight months, the tabloids tried to make me depressed alcoholic and womanizer. But everything is easier - we are a couple that just bred, like many others ".

Jean and Alexander met on the set of the series" A guy and a girl, "and married in 2009. Together with his wife Dujardin once again starred in the movie "Players" in 2012, which he himself had produced. The couple may continue to live in their mode of himself, but Jean is famous throughout the world after the film "The Artist" and was not only the "Oscar", but also a number of international offers. He recently starred in Martin Scorsese in "The Wolf of Wall Street" and George Clooney in "Treasure Hunters." So it is easy to imagine the reasons for divorce: fame, work, and mass temptations around.