Nov 22, 2013

Hugh Jackman found skin cancer

At the famous Aussie Hugh Jackman found skin cancer. This was the actor's self-reported in Instsgram, where he published his picture and wrote the following:

Deb (Deborah-Lee Furness, wife of actor - approx. Edition "Gossip") told me to check out a spot on the nose. Guys, she was right! I have basal cell carcinoma (a widespread form of skin cancer - approx. Edition "Gossip").

Actor also added that everything should be done on time and be sure to pay attention to their health:

Please do not be stupid like me. The final test time. And use sunscreen.

Note that Jackman has not informed his fans, at what stage of the disease it is. However, judging by the photo in the social network for the 45-year-old actor all went well: probably, the affected area was removed and released star home.

Hugh Jackman found skin cancer