Nov 18, 2013

How to become an object of desire: Tips from Anna Sedokova

Sedokova decided to help his admirers in the eternal battle for a beautiful figure. The singer posted a photo of yourself in the gym and said that an hour of hard work three times a week "will turn your body into an object of desire".

"Think it's only an hour, and you have as much as 23 others on nothing" - said the singer. "So no excuses to me))) We got up and walked out! In zalchik, my girls "- this is a call Anna.

"I've been doing three times a week for 2-3 hours)) for 3 months) and the results are already evident," - said one of the Sedokova readers. "I agree! Have been doing for a month, a day for an hour, the upper press already traced)), "- another happy fan. "The main thing - the first time to force yourself not to miss, and then it's tempting to work on yourself) Girls, go for beautiful and healthy body)," - she added.

And one reader said that he prefers Sambo and pool))

After some time, Anna has once again shown to the public, in what great shape it is. Sedokova released with her dancers and wrote: "My strong half team. I have nowhere without them)) Yes, we are crazy, but they are always safe and nothing to fear. "

"Figure! Eye-catching "- said Sedokova commentators.

However, not all readers were kind enough this time. "Where's the third looks" - some speak maliciously. "The boys have nothing to surprise" - believed others.