Nov 16, 2013

Harry Styles: twerk exhilarated by Miley Cyrus, drag it by texting!

According to the Daily Star, Harry Styles regularly would exchange text messages rather intimate with Miley Cyrus for her performance at the MTV VMA last August!

These two have they found good? Since it is separated from Taylor Swift, Harry Styles did not find any official girlfriend. For its part, Miley Cyrus thoroughly enjoyed his separation from Liam Hemsworth. An officially occurred after the separation performance was the buzz at the MTV Video Music Awards last August. It was also at this time that Harry Styles has started to come into contact with the singer Wrecking Ball for flirting, according to the Daily Star.

"For the Harry intimate circle, is no secret that Miley has in mind, "he told a friend of the singer at the Daily Star. According to the same source, "It started when she made her twerk and moved her buttocks at the ceremony." Harry Styles present that evening had commented on the provision of Miley Cyrus in the media, the first time in evil, then good. For Halloween, he even dressed up as her!

"He decided to send text messages to make sure it did not take it badly. This is not the case, and since They continue to write messages, "the source said. These exchanges are transformed into flirting lately: "He asked if he could drive his car one day and reminded him that they were both single, a typical remark to Harry when he drag a girl! "