Nov 19, 2013

Glukoza withdrew his friends in the new video clip

Natalia Ionov, known in Russian show business as Glukoza, has released a new video for the song "You want to hurt me?". The main feature of the video has become his naturalness: Natalia instead of professional actors in it withdrew their friends.

Glukoza new video clip

The singer did not warn anyone about what is planned shooting, and invited everyone to a normal party. Bewilderment of friends knew no bounds when they saw the camera, which had taken off tourists. This was the main idea Glukoza and her producer Max Fadeev. They wanted to photograph the emotions and chat live long familiar people in a relaxed atmosphere.

A friend of the singer, Paul, so react to what is happening:

Would you even warned that we have such a responsible mission. We would have dressed up!

But after half an hour after the start of the feast unwitting participants in the shooting process stopped being shy cameras are naturally behave and enjoy the evening with your friends.

Itself Natalia commented on the new clip so :

I saw the video exactly the way it turned out - the theme of the party asks itself! But as the song is very relaxed, did not want to do from the video shoot with professional actors and feigned emotions - explains Gluk'oZa. - We were singing, drinking, smoking hookah, many were photographed laughing and dancing - in short, everything that accompanies any party of close friends.

Music for the song is traditionally written Glukoza producer Max Fadeev, and co-author of the text became its lead singer of another ward SILVER Olga Seryabkina. According to Natalia, Olga good it feels. The singer said that the new song is very close to her, and immediately got into the top favorite of their own repertoire.

See how Glukoza resting with his friends in the new video.

Glukoza new video clip

Glukoza new video clip