Nov 11, 2013

Gisele Bundchen is on vacation with his family

Gisele Bundchen

Crystal clear ocean, white sand, blue sky and hot sun - what more do you need for a perfect family vacation? Perhaps nothing! That Gisele Bundchen thinks the same way: sultry Brazilian along with her husband Tom Brady and his daughter Vivian currently enjoy stunning tropical landscapes.

Starry family lives in Boston, where the fall weather does not spoil, so they all went together to the ocean to take a break from the bustling metropolis and enjoy each other's company.

about traveling Bundchen became aware of Instagram fashion models, where she published several photos, which depicted her husband and their daughter. But the couple's son - Benjamin - in these pictures have been reported.

In addition, Gisele has decided not to tell the fans exactly where it rests, however, many fans had already assumed that the model family is in Costa Rica .

Gisele Bundchen is on vacation with his family