Nov 12, 2013

George Clooney on the pages of the magazine Esquire

The hero of the latest issue of Esquire magazine has become a Hollywood actor George Clooney, who not only took part in a stylish photo shoot, but also gave a candid interview to the publication.

Idol of millions spoke about his relation to social networks, fame, friendship and enmity with colleagues by cinematic shop and more.

On social networks:

I do not understand why if you're famous, you have to register with Twitter. After all, first of all, by doing this, you become more accessible, is not it? Imagine how your life could change just one night - you were drunk, come home, watch TV, someone infuriates you, and you're on my page a negative message ... go to bed, wake up in the morning, and your career is over, or you just hate and criticize. And it could be anything else - you could just speak in the night and these words have not gone all over the world.

About fame:

I had an aunt Rosie (Rosemary Clooney - pop singer and actress 40-50-ies of the last century - approx. edition of "Gossip"), which was very well known. So I learned a lesson, "the glory" at an early age. Then I realized that I should have known not to change. In addition, I understand how to make good use of it.

About his friend Brad Pitt:

long time, Brad was the biggest movie star in the world. It is much cooler than me and DiCaprio. I really admire him, how he copes with his fame. For him, it's not easy, but he's trying. He remains true to himself. And he is not available, and therefore continues to be one of the biggest movie stars. I think he is incredibly talented and smart, but the main thing - is that it is not available.

About feud with Russell Crowe:

The truth is that the Crow sent me a book of poetry, so as to apologize to me for having insulted me for the whole world. He wanted war. He started it just like that, without any reason: Crowe said that George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Robert De Niro-beens. I am very happy that he remembered us, I even thought about to create a group called "Celebrity out of business." Who does he think he is?

Clooney Talking about the relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, the star wide screens said that at first the actors became friends - they often played basketball together, but one day, George had a nasty incident with his friends Leo, who also took participate in one of the games.

Clooney still can not forget what happened, he believes that DiCaprio indiscriminate in choosing friends:

You know, I can play. I'm not a great player, but in high school I played basketball, so I know very well the possibilities. I also know that you should not open your mouth if you yourself can not show the class. Leo problem is that he is surrounded by guys who talk about what is not. The difference between the way they played, and what they said made me think that it is essential to have in the life of a man who openly tell you the truth. In such a Leo man, apparently not.