Nov 20, 2013

Evan Rachel Wood is going to hide the name of the son

In mid-summer of this year, Evan Rachel Wood became a mother for the first time: the actress gave birth to her husband's son Jamie Bell. Since then, a newborn baby, we have not heard anything more, and judging by recent press reports, a long time will not hear: star parents will hide from the public the name of the boy so long as they succeed.

Evan Rachel Wood

Wood wants to save his son from the excessive media attention, and therefore does not want to disclose his name. In addition, the actress is trying to avoid the pesky photographers. Evan says that this is a meaningful step:

Everyone knew that I was pregnant, it is impossible to hide, so I can easily talk about your child. But I'm not going to divulge his name.

According to the actress, too much attention can hurt your baby in the development of his personality:

I will do my best to protect him from the media. Kids are always chasing just because their parents are famous, and it does no credit to the paparazzi.

Recall Evan Rachel Wood married Jamie Bell at the end of October last year. Prior to that, the actors met seven years. This year, beloved first child was born, as the press reported not only representative of a pair, but Shishkovska parents: Wood and Bell congratulated each other happy event through social networks.

Evan Rachel Wood