Nov 2, 2013

Eva Longoria: she would have found love in the arms of a new man!

Eva Longoria the arms of a new man

What little secretive this Eva Longoria! Become very quiet since his surprise break with Ernesto Arguello there two months, the American star fiercely protects every detail of his private life! While the American press imagined back in the arms of her ex Eduardo Cruz, the pretty brunette roucoulerait actually in the arms of another man she refuses to reveal the identity for the moment! Ah, well ...

According to People magazine - usually well informed, the actress of 38 years would indeed be in a relationship with a brilliant native Mexico businessman! Very fulfilling to her side, she would do anything to keep the beginning of this secret romance: "She is very happy and he is crazy about her It's not that she dined with Eduardo Cruz in New York last time. but with her new man, "says one. The languid gestures and kissing in public is finally explained despite the confusion with the younger brother of Penelope, who was in San Francisco at the same time ... A Latino man can hide another!

Yesterday afternoon (Friday, November 1), Eva was again spotted in the streets of Los Angeles. Undressed leggings and a black sweat, the face of the brand L'Oreal had just quit his favorite hairdresser, Ken Paves, located in West Hollywood. Stashed behind a pair of sunglasses, the former Desperate Housewife quickly slipped between the cars to get to his vehicle. Low profile and slight smile, everything seemed to be going well in the best of worlds ...

is now looking forward to the formal presentations with the new baby!

Eva Longoria, paparazzi,

Eva Longoria