Nov 12, 2013

Emma Thompson: "I have forgiven Helena Bonham Carter affair with my husband

Emma Thompson commented on the first story of the novel, her husband Kenneth Brann with Helena Bonham Carter, but family drama played out in the mid 90s.

Kenneth and Emma were married in 1989, two years after they met. They were so popular that they were called the golden couple of British cinema. But this idyll lasted not too long - or rather, to the time when Branagh began acting in the 1994 film "Frankenstein," which he also directed.

Partner's Kenneth the surveys began Bonham Carter. The romance between them started while working on the film, but continued also after the tape's release, which is why the actor married to Emma Thompson broke up. As far as the press, his relationship with Helena lasted until 1999 (two years later, the actress has a new boyfriend - Tim Burton).

Thompson earlier in the interview concerned the topic of divorce sometimes, admitting that the separation from her husband turned to her depression. The actress once said that the role of the betrayed wife in the movie "Love Actually" was given to it easily, such as the story took place in her own life:

I know how it is - to close the bedroom and cry, and then go out and force yourself to smile, collecting fragments of his heart and hiding them under lock and key.

Now the 54-year-old Emma for the first time speaks about relations with former rival Bonham Carter. As it turned out, "hatchet" long-buried:

not long hold on someone evil, it's pointless. I have for this would not be enough energy. Helena and I made it up for many, many years ago.

Thompson even admits that she and Bonham Carter, with whom she has repeatedly turned out to be cast, have something in common:

We are like a little crazy, and we have both a complicated relationship with fashion. Maybe that's why Kenneth loved us both. Helena is a wonderful woman.

Now Emma is married to actor and producer Greg Wise, whom she met in 1995 on the set of tapes "Sense and Sensibility." They raise 13-year-old daughter and 26-year-old adopted son.

Recall that Helena Bonham Carter, perhaps now and she was in a situation in which there was once Thompson. Although representatives of the actress deny the information about the proposed changes by Tim Burton, it's hard to argue with the fact that the images of the director, kissing an unknown blonde, is unlikely to be a photomontage.