Nov 23, 2013

Eminem again in the arms of Kim?

Kim lovers since her teens, Eminem tried to pick up the pieces with his ex-wife several times. This time it seems that it is good for the two former lovers.

This is a story that never ends! The undisputed Slim Shady fans know, there has never been one woman in the heart of the star. Kim fell in love while he was still a teenager, Marshall Mathers third name, aka Eminem, has never really forgotten the one that inspired many of his songs and the two young men were reconciled to better . separate countless times

However, if you believe the recent statements by the mother of Kim, taken by the Daily Mail, this story sawtooth is far from over: "They get along better than ever, she said. He is doing to him to build a house close to his home. "

According to his mother, Kim would be cured of his addiction , like Marshall, who is back on the music scene right now, with a new album. "She takes care of her family, she is fine."