Nov 2, 2013

Elena Lenina gave of three dogs

Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina recently magnificently and noisily celebrated her 34th birthday. Congratulate socialite and writer has come a lot of guest stars, which sold out only at night. Elena's gifts have presented much as three car! In this case, no one has presented any beauty tsvetochka6 Elena known aversion to the "cut-off corpse flower", so instead she decided to give bouquets of apples.

Star friends and friends-businessmen were generous not only to apples. Among her gifts - a ring with tourmaline, Swiss gold watch with diamonds on a mother of pearl dial, a new dress and a mountain of products for health and beauty. But the most fun and priceless gift that had Lenina - three chihuahua dogs. They are not saying a word, gave beauty Nikita Dzhigurda, Bari Alibasov and Sergei Zverev - each dog!

First two christened in honor of all of your favorite singers and Sausages Bedrosych, but the third was named dollar. Lenina had not yet decided whether she will bring new pets or give them to a friend of the family children's home, children who had long been asking for a dog. Do not know which is better, because in the first case, small animals will eat the eggs and spend the night on a sable coat, and in the second they surround every minute with love and affection the children are not busy filming and business, as Lenina.