Nov 27, 2013

Duchess Catherine fired wedding stylist

The royal family decided to dismiss the Duchess Catherine wedding stylist James Pryce, after he decided to make advertising due to its name.

Note that using the services of the Duchess Catherine Pryce for eight years, starting in 2003: it was he who worked with her in the day of the announcement of the engagement and during the marriage to the Prince by William in 2011, and then went with the Duchess on a tour of North America.

Sam Price noted that hairstyle Duchess, on which he "conjured" for two hours, was his "finest hour".

But just since that time, the barber began behave incorrectly. So, he began to spread in social networks with a view photos Catherine advertise their services. By the way, Price originally worked in the salon Richard Ward of the same name Richard Ward Salon, and then decided to offer their services in the mode of freelancing.

According to insiders, the Duchess continued to visit the salon Richard Ward:

Richard makes her hairstyle and hair color. Plus, stylist Amanda Cook Tucker makes her styling for events. But James was in the "black list" forever.

Way, Duchess Catherine will use the services of the former Princess Diana stylist Joe Bailey in the tour of Australia next year.

Well, obviously, if to James was more modest, it would not have lost the enviable's client.

Let us estimate the most famous works of James Pryce.