Nov 17, 2013

Drew Barrymore for Women's Health

Beautiful pregnant Drew Barrymore graced the cover and pages of the new issue of Women's Health. 38-year-old actress, who is expecting a second child with husband Will Kopelmanom, told the publication of what it is - to be a working mom, to create its own line of cosmetics and much more.

Drew read the full interview in the magazine itself, but what we traditionally share with you excerpts from it, and of course photos!

"I would like to have more children - says Drew. - It makes you healthier mentally and physically too. I'll even do not go to the gym. I have a lot of physical exercise: give food to shove in your mouth, chew, repeat ".

As for being a working mom, here, says Drew, it is important to understand the following:" Can I do this work, and on the return home for dinner? Will I have days when I have the freedom to do all the replacement diapers? "

And if so," Then I'm certain days I'll have to go to work and try not to feel guilty while most human on the planet - every mother will understand ".

on its own cosmetic line:" I like to create makeup, because it's so feminine, it is a kind of celebration of women. I think about my daughter, and about what it's still a special thing - to do something creative and inspiring. "