Nov 8, 2013

'Do you know who I am?': Leonardo DiCaprio is not recognized by the Halloween party

Leonardo DiCaprio is not recognized

The case of the category of "curiosities of our town": Leonardo DiCaprio is so well dressed for Halloween vechernke that protection was not recognized and refused to pass, in fact, on the very triumph.

Angered actor, in turn, does not rassteryalsya and frowning, said the Crown: "Do you know who I am?!".

After that, he repeatedly hinted that he - Leo, yes, the same one. However, it has not made for hostesses and security proper impression. As a result, the indignant actor tore the mask and shouted:

Yes you kidding me! I - Leonardo DiCaprio, and I go inside!

Observers of the scene claim that the actor was "livid" and workers institution did not recognize DiCaprio, was nearly lost their jobs. Sure, the role of the angry star was worthy of the "Oscar".

Well, it is not surprising that in such a suit Leonardo DiCaprio did not recognize