Nov 3, 2013

Charlie Sheen banned from seeing sons

Charlie Sheen publicly surrendered righteous anger, his ex-wife Brooke Mueller out of rehab, and general sons Bob and Max, after spending time in the walls of the house of his mother, began to suffer nightmares.

The fact that the house Miss Mueller is literally filled with not the most common pets - lizards, insects, and other such creatures. In addition, after a visit to Bob's mom's face had a strange rash - Charlie swears that it looks as if someone had burned. The actor complained to reporters TMZ, that appealed to the Los Angeles-based care service, but there he refused to help. Moreover, despite all the horrors described Sheen, the service intends to expand the temporary custody Brook.

Charlie exploded in response to a bunch of hard-hitting Twitter epithets addressed to the Office of Family and Children of Los Angeles, stating that they unable to protect his children from the "miserable and angry sverhneudachnitsy and whores" Brooke.

Department of Family and Children's hear Charlie ... and banned him from seeing his sons! Denise Richards, custody of the now 4-year-old Bob and Max, a call went out. The actress was told that she was not allowed to bring their children home to Charlie. Offended they are there, in their children's service ...