Nov 20, 2013

Charlie Hunnam approved Jamie Dornan in the "50 shades of gray"

Charlie Hunnam, who had quite a bit to stay, Christian Gray, commented on the appointment to this role, Jamie Dornan. "I'm sure he will cope very well" - said the actor.

"Actually, I'm not very familiar with his work, but I know that Sam (Taylor-Johnson), the director, is awesome. She has fantastic taste, so I'm sure he will cope fine. I'm sure she made the perfect choice, "- said Hunnam.

Recall that due to the search for Gray's premiere of" 50 shades of gray, "was postponed. Now, she is scheduled for February 13, 2015, that is exactly on Valentine's Day.

Said that the tape may get into censorship and "adult" versions. We are waiting for official news and more waiting for the official shots from the set))