Nov 28, 2013

Celebrity Street Style: Kate Winslet on shopping in Chelsea

On Wednesday journalists noticed actress Kate Winslet, who is expecting her third child, shopping on King's Road in Chelsea. Star, apparently, has been preparing for the Day of Thanksgiving, and it did not bother about their appearance. That is not surprising - because judging by their appearance, before delivery is not much time.

It is a convenience that is so necessary in her position, and determined the choice of clothing Kate. She wore dark jeans, black T-shirt and a spacious park, which, despite the style, not buttoned Winslet due to surround the stomach. Image added sloppy scarf.

Last time Kate Winslet was seen in the light of the world premiere of the film "Labor Day", where she played a major role. October 15, she appeared on the red carpet already rounded belly. However, this did not prevent her look gorgeous: red Jenny Packham dress and jewelry De Beers and Kate were very stressed her feminine image.

We look forward to adding to the family of Kate and Ned Roknrolla.