Nov 3, 2013

Celebrity Street Style: Gisele Bundchen in New York

Celebrity Street Style

Gisele Bundchen style is impeccable as on the catwalks and glossy covers, and in the street of New York.

So it is not surprising that yesterday's walk through the city to the place of photography has once again proved how Giselle is able pick outfit and accessories.

33-year-old Bundchen appeared to be wearing a very unpretentious: Kenzo black sweater with a print of an eye and black skinny jeans with holes.

likely to "simple mortal "is a combination of things would look very boring and banal. But Giselle looked as if ready to shoot for gloss!

Note that the drawing of an eye on the sweater is not as unsophisticated as it seems: eyelashes intricately embroidered with stones, and in the center - the brand logo.

image models complement sunglasses, black bag and black leather ankle boots with silver chains and buckles. Plus, the lack of makeup and luxurious blonde curls in a free flight.

Gisele Bundchen - mother of two children, and her career has continued a rapid flight to the top. Note that just recently, they collaborated with her husband Tom Brady have a new apartment in New York for $ 14 million.

So Gisele seems to make money on. Impeccable style and a perfect body.

Gisele Bundchen in New York