Nov 26, 2013

Brittany Murphy mother outraged news about the poisoning of her daughter

American actress Brittany Murphy died four years ago, but in the press so far there has been talk about her death. At this time, the star's mother Sharon Murphy was forced to write an open letter in which she said that all the words of the father of her daughter Angelo Bertolotti regarding the death of the actress - a pack of lies.

Recall that a week ago the media reported that Brittany could not die of pneumonia, but from malicious poisoning: a year ago Bertolotti insisted that he be provided with samples of hair and skin actress to be able once again to conduct a full examination the presence of toxic substances. Just after receiving the results of this examination and a new version of Murphy's death.

This statement mother actress just could not leave unanswered:

Four years ago, after the tragic and sudden death of my wonderful and talented daughter I decided to remain in the shadows. Now I have no choice, I have to say, because her biological father, who has never been a real father to her, made an outrageous statement. He said that my dear daughter was killed.

Murphy also noted that the examination that was held at the request of Bertolotti, could be a fake:

Any scientist will tell you that the hair samples that were provided for research, could be affected by many external factors: the hairspray, prescription drugs, food, smoking, and to environmental factors.

It is possible that the cause of death was a mold, which, in the end, was found in her home.

We will never know for sure what actually killed her. But we do know that the coroner of Los Angeles spent a lot of tests and concluded that the death was due to natural causes. And now Brittany has become an angel. 

Recall that the December 20, 2009 and spread around the world unexpected sad news: at the age of 32 years died a famous actress Brittany Murphy. According to the official version of the investigation, the star died as a result of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drugs overdose.