Nov 25, 2013

Bloom and Kerr turned to family psychologist

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, announced their breakup in October, decided to appeal to the family psychologist. According to the magazine OK!, Bloom and Kerr has no plans to renew the relationship, but they hope that the therapy will help them constructively discuss all the problems without quarreling and remaining good parents for two year old son Flynn. Former spouses determined to maintain cordial relationship for the sake of the child. Bloom said about it back in the time of the decision about divorce: "Life is not always develops as we hope, but, fortunately, we are adults. We love each other and will always be family ».

Recall, 36-year-old actor Orlando Bloom decided to part with his wife, 30-year-old supermodel Miranda Kerr, due to the novel with a partner for the performance of" Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet "27-year-old American actress Condola Rashad.