Blake Lively: share the secrets of her beauty-regime.

Blake Lively_ share the secrets of her beauty-regime.

Blake Lively luck in everything: a handsome husband Ryan Reynolds, a film career in Hollywood and a terrific figure. After she became the face of cosmetic brand L'Oreal, Blake could not help but share the secrets of her beauty-regime.

In an interview with the French magazine Vogue Blake Lively honestly told me that had never sat on a diet:

I have absolutely nothing to do! I just am in constant motion. I'm always running somewhere, so I do not need a fitness coach or trendy diets.
In addition, Blake every day eating sweets:

I just can not drink for breakfast a cup of hot chocolate! In the evening, I should definitely eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate. It makes me happy!
As for grooming, the Lively is not particularly zealous:

I have a very simple operation - removing makeup, sun protection and basic skin care. My favorite product - BB-cream with a protection factor of SPF 30. Do not take less!
To relax, the 26-year-old actress is always going to the spa:

I love massage in New York Spa Mandarin Oriental. After that I again feel the beauty.

Well, if in addition to chocolate Blake Lively have nothing to eat, then she says can be trusted.

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