Nov 16, 2013

Beyonce and Jay-Z: This is really the end of their relationship?

In all English media rumor persists and if Beyonce and Jay-Z were really on the verge of separating?

They like to show welded: support for Barack Obama, demonstrations, basketball games, a dream vacation in the Mediterranean, gaga for their little Blue Ivy relatives ... But their careers and success would have it too in competition, to the point they can support themselves? This same argument Hollywood Life!

Since their marriage in 2008, though their relationship seemed worthy of fairy tales. In addition to living a true love story, they chained their separate ways, or duo, tubes and consecrations. Beyonce and Jay-Z? This is the couple of the most influential showbiz and richest on the planet! But now, collaborations (eight in all), they have done since 2008 and Pray and Lift Off. And after close to Beyoncé, beautiful find that Jay-Z has become too "selfish"!

"Lately, Beyonce feels like a single mother, she warned her husband their marriage is in danger, "a source told Star Magazine. The same person said that Beyoncé has not supported that Jay-Z program of concert dates as she has not finished her tour, Ms. Carter Tower, and therefore can not accompany him to support and take care of Blue Ivy! If this crisis torque falls within the ego of the two stars, it is likely that no one unscathed!

Do you think they are a couple welded?