Nov 25, 2013

Angry speech Kanye West in concert at Madison Square Garden

The night before, during a concert at Madison Square Garden Kanye West spent 10 minutes of his speech, angry speech towards the head of Nike Mark Parker and designer line Nike Air Yeezys Eddie Slimane. According to the rapper, his songs are exploited for advertising purposes.

They are trying to position itself as a "people-style Yeezys", but I used the banal. Despite the fact that I do not own a billion dollars and lots of factories around the world, I have my voice. And no corporation can select it from me or redeem, so I'm ready to climb the highest mountain and scream as loud as I can. And as loud as I want. On Monday I'm going to announce its collaboration with Adidas.

Note in connection with this story, it became known that Kanye still not paid fees for participating in the campaign Nike Air Yeezys.