Nov 2, 2013

Angelina Jolie is suffering from pain in the breast of the new

Angelina Jolie is afraid that the last operation on the chest caused complications, new implants are causing pain actress.

According to Western tabloids, Angelina Jolie might be pregnant. In addition, before the alleged marriage with Brad Pitt, the actress decided to still make yourself beautiful breasts after a mastectomy.

According to sources, the last time Jolie, who raises six children, feel great fatigue, anxiety, and persistent pain:

New implants Angie literally driving her crazy! It's a hell of a pain. She knew that to increase the breast immediately after removal of the breast - it is dangerous, but it seems like a well studied problem.

Jolie happy that her cancer is no longer threatened, but now she fears that the implants caused the possible infection. Yes, her new breasts look elegant, but something is clearly wrong, so she runs to the doctors and ask questions. She was sorry that no one listened and put in these implants. In addition, Angelina did not want this whole issue came to the tabloids. 

Note that Angelina Jolie has decided to insert breast implants almost immediately after a double mastectomy, although most women still make the annual pause between such operations.