Nov 12, 2013

Adele refused the contract of 12 million with L'Oreal

Since 2009, the face of L'Oreal Paris is a singer Cheryl Cole. This year, the brand has decided to change its representative and conducted lengthy negotiations with the British singer Adele. The actress was asked to become the face of the company for 12 million pounds. According to the company, Adele was ready to agree, but at the last minute for some reason changed her mind.

As a result, the singer refused to world famous brand. What was the reason, a mystery to everyone. As it turned out, L'Oreal is not the first cosmetic brand, which did not want to be bound by the business relationship Oscar-winning singer. Whether Adele is afraid that it will come from a good model, if at all, and thinks that the game is not worth the trouble, or maybe just does not want to associate themselves with these companies. The fact remains that!

While the new face of the company is not found, Cheryl Cole continues to hope for continued cooperation. Also, the new envoy of L'Oreal Paris recently became Lara Stone.

Adele refused to become the face of L'Oreal
Perhaps, the singer decided that the game (read: contract of 12 million) is not worth the candle? 
... The question - why?
Soon Adele on posters we see