Nov 15, 2013

Adam Levine lead the rating of-Sexiest Men?

According to reports in the Western press, frontman of pop-rock band Maroon 5's Adam Levine may be called the sexiest man of the year by the magazine People. It is unknown where did this information, because the rating results will be announced only in the middle of next week.

Recall that last year, Levine does not have quite a few votes to become the leader of the ranking, then it went around Channing Tatum. By the way, in 2012, also a week before the announcement of the results from somewhere, it became known that the actor will be the winner, so it is likely that foreign portals that disseminate such information in relation to Adam, are right.

However, this news cheered by no means all, many believe that the actor is not worthy of such a title: in one of the editions of the show The Voice, where Levine serves as a judge, he disrespectfully attributing to the United States:

I hate this country.

Those were the words uttered singer live music project. Although Levine later apologized for his behavior and said that if it spoke only emotion he really loves America.

Well, look forward to when the publication People publishes a list of the sexiest men that we were able to estimate that the "hottest" of the stronger sex!