Nov 18, 2013

50 shades of gray can come in censorship and adult versions

Many of us worry about the age rating of the film "50 shades of gray." In it, we recall, should be the mass of hot sex scenes, but then what about the children who will penetrate to the sessions? Producers picture protect yourself contemplating the two versions of the film: a censorship R-rated and full of explicit scenes with a rating of NC-17.

"Of course, the film should not be lower than rated R, - says producer Dana Brunetti. - However, this is only my opinion, you never know how to decide in the end. But personally, I always thought would be cool if we release version of R, and then - NC-17 version a few weeks later. Everyone who wants to enjoy the relaxed option, and then if they want to see the movie again, you will be able to see more candid version. It would be great since and fees can be increased in this way ".

Now the decision is not accepted, the studio is waiting for the fans reaction to such a proposal. It is understandable that you want and satisfy the desire of the public, and to make a movie as close to the book, and did not get a ban on the age category of the audience. Time will tell on which the decision to stop the studio.