Oct 28, 2013

Yulia Arshavin rests with Chadov in Florence

Relationship former wife of Andrei Arshavin Julia, who now prefers to be called maiden name Baranovska, and actor Andrew Chadova continue. As if young people are not denied their romance, they meet regularly, and now does go on a romantic trip to Italy. However, not one, and in the company of friends - Zadorozhnaya Anastasia and her boyfriend Sergei Slavnov. Couple celebrates the fifth anniversary of relations in Florence and invited friends to share their joy.

It seems that the relationship Yulia Arshavin Andrey Baranovsky and Chadova already beyond chummy. In any case, rest in Italy, Julia and Andrew starred in comic photo shoot in the arms of an angel. In the story, the ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin makes a wish, and it is immediately executed - with the advent of Chadova.

Recall that for the first time with Andrew and Julia appeared a couple of weeks ago. Photo from their walk on Petrburg placed all the same Anastasia Zadorozhnaja. "There is no romance between them! - Refuted rumors of a long-time friend of Julia, producer Petro Sheksheev. - Recently I introduced her to the actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Julia invited her to Peter, and Anastasia escaped there for a couple of days together with an old acquaintance Andrew Chadov. And they all just had fun walking around the city "