Oct 24, 2013

Video Roma Acorn out of intensive care

Young Roma Acorn videobloger that October 23 was in intensive care after being beaten, posted a video in which shows his bruises. The young man, barely moving his tongue, said that "alive" and "all that will stand".

Recall the day before it was reported that the popular youth videobloger Roma Acorn (real name Ignat Kerimov) was in intensive care. 17-year-old boy was severely beaten. This was reported by the artist's mother, Oksana Kerimov. "My son is now in a very serious condition. We are in intensive care," - she wrote on the social network. It was reported that Acorn beaten because of his activities. Asserted that the victim went to the hospital in critical condition. Were hurt vitals boys and implied probability of death.

The news of the beating of the young videoblogera spread through the Internet at the speed of light, "brutally beaten by unknown assailants notorious" Roman acorn. "Or" Kerimov Ignat Rustamovich. "" Boys, Roma severely beaten, and now he is in intensive care in critical condition ... need more support of friends, I ask you to pray and spread the information so that it reached the eyes and ears of the family! Twitter, VC, whatever .. Pray and trust that all will be well "- and also wrote one of the group of friends videoblogera. Information quickly spread in social networks among fans of the artist. Hashtag # RomaZhivi came in third place in popularity in Twitter.

However, on October 24 appeared on the Internet a video message Roma Acorn. The young man in a 25-second spot shows his bruises, broken nose clogged nostrils with cotton, dissected lip and almost lifeless voice announces his many fans that "alive" and "all that will stand." He said that "he was sorry" but to whom exactly he apologize, did not elaborate. "I can handle" - a barely uttered Acorn.

Meanwhile, the police did not confirm information about the beating in the center of Moscow Roma Acorn. This was reported to the police department of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. "There was no evidence of wrongdoing in the shopping center" Gallery "today or next to the police did not arrive," - said in the police department. In the service of "first aid" Moscow also reported that the crew "03" no one from the street Ryad with serious injuries after the beating did not take, ITAR-TASS reported.

Note that Roma Acorn famous by movies portal Youtube which are made in a web format shows. In addition, last year the Roma was invited to the transfer of "Let Them Talk" as a co-host with Andrey Malakhov. This spring, the blogger was also one of the leading MUZ-TV.