Oct 28, 2013

Valery Meladze divorcing his wife

Valery Meladze

Meladze divorcing his wife Irina. Employees of Russian media found out that on October 21 a 48-year-old singer filed for divorce in Kuntsevskiy court in Moscow.

The document stated that the marriage was registered in 1998, but in 2012 the marriage relationship between husband and wife actually discontinued. In a statement, Valery said that his wife agreed to a divorce.

The couple has three children: a 22-year-old Inga, a 14-year-old Sophia and 11-year-old Arina.

Recall that in August Ukrainian media reported on divorce brother Valeri, Konstantin Meladze. With his wife, Jana, he lived 19 years, they also have three children