Oct 14, 2013

the refusal Charlie Hunnam did not surprise anyone :'50 shades of gray'

A few days ago we reported that actor Charlie Hunnam has decided not to star in the movie "50 shades of gray", abandoning the role of Christian Grey. It turns out that such a decision 33-year-old star of TV series "Sons of Anarchy" did not surprise anyone.

According to the source, who spoke with Charlie and the termination of the contract with Universal, "this role - not something that will go on benefit his future career. " In addition, fears of excessive popularity Hunnam:

He's going through because of the pressure and excessive attention to himself. He hates it! A survey in the "50 shades of gray" would have attracted a huge journalists and paparazzi. Charlie would have been forced to give interviews, participate in social events and television. He would not have made because he did not want to be a superstar.

It turns out that Charlie does not like to be told what to do - it is not acceptable for conformism. And the role of Christian Grey, in his opinion, would make him pretend. Actor worried that suffer as a result of his "I".

Recall that as the official cause of producers and tape company called Universal busy schedule actor. Now they are actively looking for a new leading man. According to rumors, the coveted contract may get all or Robert Pattinson or Ryan Gosling.

Well, in that case we wonder why Charlie Hunnam first still agreed to participate in the "50 shades of gray"?