Oct 14, 2013

The body of Miley Cyrus: how to achieve this?

We know that the 20-year-old Miley Cyrus likes to show her body and makes it possible for any event - be it video shoot Wrecking Ball, live performance, a walk around the city or photo in Instagram. It turns out, pumped up press - the result of the daily fitness workouts.

In an interview with People magazine Mari Winsor - known in Los Angeles Pilates instructor - shared the secrets of Miley:

Cyrus, who recently broke up with Liam Hemsworth, wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a perfect figure. For this purpose it performs twisting every day 30 minutes. The main thing - it's not just strain the abdominal muscles, and literally "pull" them to the lower back. At least try. If you just do 40 crunches, even daily, you will not get anywhere. Technique training - that's the main thing.
In addition, Mary Winsor, who worked with Cyrus for a year, argues that the singer owes her elegant legs:

I made her legs! We pumped them in the right places. Now they are spotless.
Note that the paparazzi attention to the fitness classes Cyrus forced her to build a hall at home. So now the coach visits her in person and she can "flat out" in full, without fear of prying journalists.