Oct 15, 2013

Thai bar owner was arrested thanks to Rihanna's tweets

Rihanna's visit to one of the bars of Phuket turned to his host big trouble: yesterday learned of his arrest.

Varuna Dzhornmuang, owner of the establishment under the name of Season, was charged with unlawfully performing erotic shows. He will spend a month in jail and pay a fine of $ 1,900.

Representative of law enforcement confirmed:

This is the result of the visit by Rihanna. The authorities will be treated with the utmost rigor to the organizers of indecent shows and shows with wild animals.
During his stay in Thailand 25-year-old star is quite frankly described on Twitter all that she had seen during a local erotic show - so much entertainment very popular with the tourists coming into the country. It should be noted that participated in the presentation live birds and turtles, as well as mention the star.

Rihanna recently attracted the attention of the Thai police and other phenomenon: at the end of September, the singer appeared Instagram photo with a funny beast called fat lori - a rare primate, listed in the Red Book.

As a result, local police organized a raid on the area, where the rest star, and arrested people who collected money from tourists for photographs with rare animals.