Oct 14, 2013

Tal : discover the cover of her new single!

A few days after his second album "To infinity" was certified platinum, Tal reveals the downright stylish cover of her third single "The past" ... They said this!

Lookée streetwear-chic, Tal has everything an American would have a small shoppe style straight out of Harlem for the cover of his third single "The past."

Today, at the top with a first quadruple-platinum album and a second album just certified platinum, Tal has become the small vocal jewel of the French music scene.

And if his voice does not stop seducing, his talents as dancers also gave us want groover. On the dance floor with 4 Stars, the young woman of 23 years has shone on Saturday evening with a bogie-woogie. And if the jury has been a real increase, it will have to quickly find Yann-Alrick, his partner in order to compete with Alizée see even dethrone. Meanwhile, it is with her dancers she trains ...