Oct 21, 2013

Superman Tom Welling divorcing his wife

Star of TV series "Secrets Smallville" Tom Welling, who played Superman / Clark Kent, divorcing his wife Jamie White Welling after 10 years of marriage. How do I find the sources, Jamie filed for divorce October 16, she brought it to the court, which asked for a divorce because of "irreconcilable differences" and to appoint Tom payment of spousal support.

According to the statement, the couple do not live together yet with December 2012. Couple recall that until 2011 lived in Vancouver, where the series was filmed, and then moved to Los Angeles after the shooting. Tom and Jamie met in Miami in 1998, and four years later married. Children do not have - at least in this matter will be easy divorce.

News from the category of good or bad - right view. Tom Welling 36 years, he has almost single - so that the role of Christian Grey, as you might expect, it will fit!